Spinne on Mars



This spider like organism was spotted on the surface of Mars.  Here’s why we concluded it’s spider like: All six legs are clearly visible with complete radial symmetry. There is no folium located on the abdomen. The cephalothorax is separated from the thoracic region by a cervical groove.

The organism was observed leaving its domain inverted which shows, absent of any sort of adhesive, tarsus must be present on the prolateral and retro lateral surfaces.

Previously, the Mars Life HD team discovered organisms in the subsurface soil in the Endeavor, Victoria, and Gale craters.

One of NASA‘s guiding policies in the search for alien life is to “follow the water.” Water is fairly common in the universe, found everywhere from vast interstellar dust clouds to the orange-red fields of Mars, but most of this water is in the form of ice. Solid water can’t act as a lubricant for the molecular processes of life, so the search is on for liquid water — a commodity that is far more rare in the universe.


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