We are just days away from three space superpowers – the Chinese Space Program, UAE’s National Space Programme, and NASA – simultaneously landing on the planet Mars. Each will have their own rover tasked with finding evidence of alien life: China’s rover Tianwen-1mission, the UAE with its Hope orbiter, and NASA’s Perseverance rover.

The Mars Life HD team located multiple flows of water emanating from the Endeavor Crater.  Thanks to NASA’s rover, Opportunity, we are able to show you photos of flowing water in SOL 707-710 and 2609. In SOL 710, water can be seen on both sides of the crater within a few meters of the top. In SOL 2609, water can be seen in over 23 steady streams which exceeds up to 25 meters in length.  Opportunity reached the flowing water on day 2,609 on its search for life on the planet Mars.

It’s like NASA has famously stated, “If you want to find life, just follow the water.”