Where It All Began

Naturally prevailing ‘Organisms’ located in the subsurface soil on Mars fueled by molecular oxygen.

Life on Mars

Mars could have enough molecular oxygen to support life, and scientists figured out where to find it

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New Research


Speaking Engagements

An inspirational and magnetic speaker, Michael Herring is known around town as the “Mars Guy.” His personality, and his willingness to share, communicate, and educate, open doors and minds locally; he intends to expand his reach globally. As a result, he began informing the public about water and life in the subsurface soil on Mars.

Mr. Herring has been talking about water and Life on Mars in public for well over five years. He shared a close relationship with NASA researcher, Dr. Douglas A. O’ Handley, who prior to his death, praised Mr. Herring for his work deciphering images of the planet Mars.

Dr. Douglas A. O’ Handley a Jet Propulsion Laboratory employee from June 1967-August 1984 during his supervisor position with Viking 1 and 2, and with National Aeronautics and Space Administration holding a position at the Office of Exploration-Code Z, from August 1988 to July of 1992. He was the director emeritus, NASA Ames Academy for Space Exploration while at Lockheed Martin from 1999 to present, a joined program between NASA and the State Space Grants.

Life in the subsurface soil and water on Mars

He mentioned during a visit to his residence, that there’s life in the subsurface soil and water on Mars when we first met back in April 30 of 2012. As a result, he was right, there is life and water on Mars. NASA Announced water flowing on the surface on Mars on September 28 2015 at 11:00 A.M. We just knew a few years before the public did and we had no idea what it would do to us or Darwin’s theory of evolution. The question since the beginning of time, has now been answered.

Michael Herring delivers exceptional value to the audience by sharing unprecedented pictures of organisms captured by NASA rovers. With the images he shows, the analysis he brings, and the expertise he holds, every audience member has something to learn, and to hold on to, from each talk delivered. Delve into the blooming world of interplanetary paleontology and organisms Wurm, Katapillar with the Mars Life HD team.

Mission Statement

In collaboration with Dr. Douglas O’Handley, we formed Mars Life HD LLC, a one of a kind company that is proud to offer educational opportunities and products related to the most current research of planet Mars.

Whoever gets there on Mars first makes the rules. As a result, the Mars Life HD team decided to use NASA’s equipment which landed on The Gale crater on Mars on August 6, 2012.

Intense study begins

As of April 2006 an intense study began featuring the Mars rover Curiosity in search for organisms in the subsurface soil on Mars. Dr. O’ Handley informed Mars Life HD of the environment which Mars has on the surface, in which life has survived and thrived for many Millions of years.

Our number one goal is to reveal the truth through NASA picture documentation. From life and organisms on Mars to water flowing on the surface and subsurface soil, we can guarantee we’ll put everything we can find on The Planet Mars available for all.

The Mars Life HD team


Author Bios

Michael Herring

Michael Herring

CEO and founder of Mars Life HD LLC, Scientist, Studied planetary sciences and worked with Dr. Douglas A. O’Handley

Stephen Sage

Stephen Sage

B.A. Business Administration, 1979 University of Maryland. Accredited as German Linguist from West Coast Defense Language Institute, 1971.

Dr. Douglas A. O'Handley

Dr. Douglas A. O'Handley

Dr. Douglas A. O' Handley a Jet Propulsion Laboratory employee from June 1967- August 1984 during his supervisor position with Viking 1 and 2.