This image reminds me of something I’ve heard through a lifetime in science-based careers: God doesn’t build in straight lines (but intelligent life does). When Michael showed me this image in person (I know him from town), I couldn’t help but to believe, and to intuit, that the subjects therein were otherworldly. A ship is clearly shown docking mid-flight, the structures are level, and the contrast vividly sets them apart from the natural landscape behind it.



Bryce Rogers

April 27, 2017

I’ve seen all of Michael’s pictures(even pictures that are not for sale). I live here in town. The picture of the Spaceship blew my mind I could see the sun reflecting off the metal and the purple exhaust flames below. I can also see a perfectly level pipeline supplying fuel to the Spaceship. Simply mind blowing!

Sean Krohn

April 30, 2017

the pictures are so cool!I got to see a few other ones not on here and I am amazed.If I had that kind of money they would be on my living room wall.


June 18, 2017

This guy showed me a picture of a snake on mars and at first it wasn’t noticeable but as I looked at it more the picture of the snake became more visible. So cool!

Theo sheltz

May 10, 2018