Some interesting facts you gave in your interview Michael. Would love to read the U.S.A.F book by Dr. Slifer! Nasa are not allowed to disclose anything that they are not cleared to, so not their fault. They don’t lie, just have to keep secret about sensitive issues. Great Scientists and Researchers have mysteriously died for informing the public of issues that should not be fact yet.

Serena Bradbury

Michael Herring’s recent interview is one of the most important videos that I have come across in years.  This information has the potential to change life on our planet…

Mark Snider

You make some excellent points, very clear you’ve done you’re homework regarding the whole water subject on Mars
Neal Spence

First of all let you congratulate and as you seek information I also to know if there really is life in Mars and of course I have come to the conclusion that if there is life on Mars and an atmosphere like the clear land about three years ago trying to understand if the plants in the Antarctic to below zero support above all in the Antarctic seaweed and one day I went to a scientific cafe where I met a doctor in marine biology and I asked him about plants until sub-zero temperatures and he told me that the algae can support up to 20 below zero and some green moss that we see in the house in the wood that could support up to almost 100 below zero and that led me to think that there is clear life on Mars using the logic and its atmosphere although the photos are very low resolution to see it although I have a good compu of 2 gigas of video and good graphics and as well as Europe can also harbor aquatic life in its clear background the planet jupi How is the radiation that goes out unstable, how high will it be? and well I think if there is life in some exoplanet or mars if there would be the same as us.


Pitt Contreras

I am going to read everything that you upload because I am interested in this topic of how life is given and it is a good start of astrobiology and how it was done and there is a lot of subject that you bring to study if I read them clearly I have to translate them into a good translator because I speak spanish and my english is 80 percent but I understand good greetings from south chile


Pitt Contreras

That’s fascinating


Roy Nutt

We’re getting closer and closer to ‘their’ official announcement. By we don’t need ‘their’ permission to see the truth.


Andrew Currie

The YouTube interview is really interesting.


Corine Madsen