Speaking Engagements


An inspirational and magnetic speaker, Michael Herring is known around town as the “Mars Guy.” His personality, and his willingness to share, communicate, and educate, open doors and minds locally; he intends to expand his reach globally.

Herring has been talking about water and Life on Mars in public for well over five years. He shared a close relationship with Dr. Douglas A. O’ Handley, and was routinely praised by the posthumous NASA leader for his work deciphering images of the planet Mars.

Michael Herring delivers exceptional value to the audience by sharing unprecedented pictures captured by NASA rovers.

With NASA images he shows, the analysis he brings, and the expertise he holds, every audience member has something to learn, and to hold on to, from each talk delivered. Delve into the blooming world of interplanetary paleontology with Mars Life HD.

To hire Michael, please contact him at info@marslifehd.com


  1. Deep groundwater occasionally surfaces on Mars in present-day conditions.
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