Die Schlange



This snake-like organism was also spotted on the surface of Mars. Its white, long, thin, and legless body emerges from its burrow from the rock above. Being that snakes are ectothermic on Earth, they must similarly use heat from the rocks and the surface of Mars. Therefore, this snake-like organism is regulating its temperature by basking in the Sun. We suspect the snake species uses specialized belly scales to travel by gripping sand and rock surfaces.

We have located several of these snake-like organisms on the surface which appear to vary in coloration patterns and size. The coloration patterns are often related to behavior, such as using camouflage to escape predation.

Snakes on Earth were thought to have originated during the Jurassic period. This new snake species may change our understanding of its evolution because they may have been present on Mars prior to our Jurassic period.

It’s not clear if this new snake species is venomous or not. On the planet Mars, snakes must continue to hunt just like on Earth. Non venomous snakes either swallow prey alive or kill by constriction. Though the changes in predator and prey may be quite unique on Mars, it would require an onsite assessment to make the determination.

Previously, the Mars Life HD team discovered organisms and water in the subsurface soil in the Sols 2979 and 2950 in the Gale Crater.


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