Mission Statement

In collaboration with Dr. Douglas O’Handley, we formed Mars Life HD LLC, a one of a kind company that is proud to offer educational opportunities and products related to the most current research of planet Mars.

Whoever gets there on Mars first makes the rules. As a result, the Mars Life HD team decided to use NASA’s equipment which landed on The Gale crater on Mars on August 6, 2012.

As of April 2006 an intense study began featuring the Mars rover Curiosity in search for organisms in the subsurface soil on Mars. Dr. O’ Handley informed Mars Life HD of the environment which Mars has on the surface, in which life has survived and thrived for many Millions of years.

Our number one goal is to reveal the truth through NASA picture documentation. From life and organisms on Mars to water flowing on the surface and subsurface soil, we can guarantee we’ll put everything we can find on The Planet Mars available for all.

The Mars Life HD team